Monday Blues

It was the first day back to work after a six week holiday. Fantastic break, lots of DIY work kept me busy but definitely got the Monday morning blues going back to work for the first day of the new term.

Looking forward to some Bowling on Thursday after work, Henley show at the weekend, and in a couple of weeks, the Brighton Chilli Festival and the Retro Computing Show in Cambridge.

Also did a bit of retail therapy by ordering the rather pricey (£449) Xbox Project Scorpio due for release on the 7th November from Amazon.

Bowling at Maidenhead Superbowl

Had a great family night out on Thursday bowling although none of us are any good. I have however discovered a strategy that works. I take my advice from Zaphod Beeblebrox and his pan-galactic gargleblasters.

In the first of two games I was losing to my partner Debbie. I know I play Pool, Darts and bowling much better when I’ve had some alcohol. So I had a pint of Lager. This had little effect so I had another to see what happened to the first. Again no answers and no real effect. After the 5th pint I was playing at my best, getting some strikes and won the 2nd game and overall.

A great night out before starting the new term next week. Bowling, a sharing platter, some beers, air hockey and arcade games to finish.

Atomic Blond

Went and saw this movie at Slough’s cinema on Tuesday evening as two tickets is only £8.50 so its cheap compared with other cinemas. However once again you get what you pay for. Great film and loved the music as well. Must look out for the soundtrack. Some great fight and x-rated scenes with our blond haired lead. We look forward to its 4K release later in the year.

Slough cinema continues to decline though. There were just a handful of staff present in the cinema. Screen no 8 was about 28 degrees. They are obviously trying to save money but not switching on the air conditioning. There were only about a dozen people in our viewing. There was a group of teenage lads came in 40 minutes into the film. Sat down and proceeded to pull out the phones and record the juicy bits of the film on their mobiles. After a bit of filming they left again. We went and told one of the staff downstairs in their reception area but their security turned up 15 minutes later by which time they had simply left again. There were also a group of girls at the back who could not have been more than 12 giggling away. The film is classified as 15 but with no staff you could easily walk out of one film and straight into another and not be challenged.

I’m sure any locals of a certain age will remember the original Slough cinema near the police station. With torch enabled staff leading you to your seats, Saturday morning matinee’s, interludes with ice cream and popcorn to buy. Damn I must be getting old!

Most people now probably have a smart TV, at least one computer, mobile devices etc that are all capable of streaming film and TV programs. I’m sure a lot of people know how to download/stream content that isn’t even officially released. Its not difficult to find whatever you want to watch online and often not pay for this. With this in mind, people are going to cinemas less. Its not the social event it used be in the 20th Century. If I go the cinema now its generally because I want to see a particular film on a very large screen with a THX sound system that flaps my trouser legs and not have to worry about keeping the neighbours awake with my cinema surround system at home. I’m sure with all this in mind that the only cinemas that will be doing business in the next 10 years will be the ones offering a great customer experience, not just the cheap ones. Hope you’re listening Empire Cinemas!

Ready Player One

Finished the book. Best read I’ve had for a while after “Sully”

Can’t believe he did a resl Easter Egg in his book and I’ve missed it. Still I don’t think I was going to break any Workd Records in his choice of video games. Shame he didn’t go with Titanfall, I might have had a chance. It did inspire me to fire up an emulator of Joust and Black Tiger. I need slot of practice.

Can’t wait now for the film. Just seen the trailer and it looks just like I imagined in my head.

Reading the book, reminded me of so many of favourite TV, films and games from the 80’s and 90’s. The author is American so most of the references are also American but they were still part of teenagers lives in the U.K during this time.

Newbury Retro Revival Show

This weekend we went for our annual pilgrimage to this show. As usual it was great to see a huge range of vehicles, classic cars, bicycles, motorbikes, military, Rv’s, campervans, a spitfire, emergency vehicles and more. I always enjoy coming across an old car that I or my parents have owned in the past. A Ford Cortina, Granada, Fiat 128, VW Golf GTI etc. 

We went on the Sunday and they had the  usual helicopter sightseeing tours and a motorbike display team in the Arena.

Plenty of retro stalls selling vintage car parts, furniture from the last 50 years and more. Great weather, some great food stalls and a funfair. Looking forward to the 2018 show.

A Walk through Slough

Had a great anniversary weekend with lots of indulgences so decided to try to arrest my middle aged spread by walking 6 miles through Slough to work at Langley College. 

I am invigilating GCSE exams today so left my house at about 6.15am to get to work early. It was 13 degrees and cloudy but otherwise dry and pleasant. 

There’s a couple of different routes I could take but today I opted for the one that takes me through Slough town centre as there was some shopping I wanted to pick up en route.

After walking for a couple of miles through the Britwell and Manor Park Estates, I passed through Baylis Park and noticed that all the parks in Slough seem to be getting these outdoor gyms. Great idea.

As you walk through this park you pass the walls of the Baylis House and its grounds, some ducks, a stream and a pond.

I have fond memories as a child when there was a Lido here and you could enjoy paddling on a hot summers day.

As you leave Baylis, you cross a road, past a mosque, under the Main London train line and into Salt Hill Park.

The mosque

Cross the road next to the recycling site walls.

Under the railway tunnel. Often has people smoking cannabis. The council have now erected CCTV to monitor the tunnel but it doesn’t seem to stop people.

Into Salt Hill Park with its outdoor gym, cafe, bowling alley and tennis courts.

As I left Salt Hill Park, I joined the A4 and walked past the old Church, the new curve building and through the Town Centre until I reached the Sainsbury’s where I stopped to pick up some Jack Daniels (on offer at £16 for 70cl) and some bananas for breakfast. Another mile and half along Langley road and I arrived at the College at about 8.00 am. 12800 steps in all. Not a bad way to start Monday morning.