Sidney Wood and the Lost Canal


Another walk to work

Christian and I decided to walk to work today. Christian is trying to compete with his colleagues in steps using his new Fitbit. 

6 miles if about 10500 steps and about an hour and a half to get there. Down by the Csnsl we spotted a Heton catching his breakfast

Burnham Beeches Dog Walk

Had a quick walk this morning at Burnham Beeches with the dogs. Its always a pleasant walk but its such a shame that the dog control orders mean that for much of the walk I need to keep my dogs on the leads. This kinda spoils it for me and the dogs. They don’t understand why they have to be kept on their leads for the walk they’ve done for years.

I’ve been coming here all my life. It hasn’t changed that much in all that time because it is protected. The Café was rebuilt a few years ago and some of the local pubs have gone, they have some speed bumps and dog control orders but its still a great walk.

I used to play pool and have a quiet drink in a pub called The Stag which was closed a while ago. Noticed this morning it has been replaced by houses. What a shame.

Before & after…

A Walk through Slough

Had a great anniversary weekend with lots of indulgences so decided to try to arrest my middle aged spread by walking 6 miles through Slough to work at Langley College. 

I am invigilating GCSE exams today so left my house at about 6.15am to get to work early. It was 13 degrees and cloudy but otherwise dry and pleasant. 

There’s a couple of different routes I could take but today I opted for the one that takes me through Slough town centre as there was some shopping I wanted to pick up en route.

After walking for a couple of miles through the Britwell and Manor Park Estates, I passed through Baylis Park and noticed that all the parks in Slough seem to be getting these outdoor gyms. Great idea.

As you walk through this park you pass the walls of the Baylis House and its grounds, some ducks, a stream and a pond.

I have fond memories as a child when there was a Lido here and you could enjoy paddling on a hot summers day.

As you leave Baylis, you cross a road, past a mosque, under the Main London train line and into Salt Hill Park.

The mosque

Cross the road next to the recycling site walls.

Under the railway tunnel. Often has people smoking cannabis. The council have now erected CCTV to monitor the tunnel but it doesn’t seem to stop people.

Into Salt Hill Park with its outdoor gym, cafe, bowling alley and tennis courts.

As I left Salt Hill Park, I joined the A4 and walked past the old Church, the new curve building and through the Town Centre until I reached the Sainsbury’s where I stopped to pick up some Jack Daniels (on offer at £16 for 70cl) and some bananas for breakfast. Another mile and half along Langley road and I arrived at the College at about 8.00 am. 12800 steps in all. Not a bad way to start Monday morning.

What do you do when two have flu?

So I wake on Friday morning with a tickly cough and not feeling too great. I know that we are so short staffed at work that no one will cover my lessons if i’m absent so I go in.

Get home Friday evening and by now, its full blown flu with all the symptoms.

Now Debbie has also starting coming down with it and has gone to bed. My two dogs are staring me with their most wanting puppy dog eyes. So I guess I’ll have to go walk them. Quick dose of Night Nurse and out into the cold…

Even missed my daily streak on Pokémon.