Brik Greetings Cards

Another crowdfunded purchase has arrived. I already some some Lego compatible Brik Tiles but my greeting cards that allow you to create your own Lego inspired greetings cards have arrived.

You get a pack of 4 cards with no words inside but the front has a Lego compatible square that you can make up your own designs. They also supply a large bag of  multicoloured 1×1 briks and a template to help you get started. Looking forward to giving some out at Christmas.


Nimuno Loops Toy Block Tape

My Indiegogo crowdfunded purchase of Lego compatible tape finally arrived recently from Europe. I received 6 packs of different colour tape that allow you to make wall mounted creations. The tape is removable, reuseable and not supposed to mark the wall – more on this after I test it.

It also came with a little purple Nimonkey minifigure.

I was a little disappointed that it took longer to arrive than it should have done. I received an email detailing some shipping delays to the U.K and yet Smyths Toys had theirs in stock at least a month before me. Is this large scale purchasing power versus the little people?

i’m hoping to make some sort of IoT moving lego creation using these tapes.


National Space Centre

Today we drove to the National Space Centre in Leicester. We left home about 7.00am and arrived at about 9.45am after a short break at the services.

It costs £14 each entry and the ticket can be used for entry for whole year so is reasonably good value for money. had a great day out – some pics to follow.

We also met Al Worden the astronaut who flew in Apollo 15 in 1971 and went to the Moon. He had a signing session so we shook hands and got him to sign a photo and also sign our Lego Saturn V Rocket which is of course the rocket he flew in Apollo 15. We had some fun getting it there as its 1M tall but thankfully comes apart in three sections. His assistant held the second stage whilst Al Worden signed the fuselage in sharpie.

Is this the first Lego astronaut signed model I wonder?