Sidney Wood and the Lost Canal


Hellfire Caves

Today we went to Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe. We have never been before even though we live only a short drive away and have lived in the area all our lives. Our Uncle and Aunt were this as they are visiting from Australia and my mum came along too. It costs £6 for entry and took about 45 minutes to look around. We then climbed the hill above the caves to see the Mausoleum and Church with stunning views over the valley below.
More info on the caves here
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Hellfire Caves

Centre for Computing History

We went to their retro computer event today. It was all weekend at the museum but we couldn’t make it until today.

IMSAI 8080 as used by Bill Gates and guest appearance in War Games

Debbie lost to me at Pong.

There were all the usual consoles, home computers, arcade machines and computers from the 60’s and 70’s there. They also had s number of organisations and enthusiasts selling and just showing off  what they have done.

We met John who runs Fuze, the company who make the Fuze Raspberry Pi cases and more. It was great to discuss the future of education with him and how coding was going to be a fundamental part of this. I really must get one of their cases. They look very cool in the flesh especially in close proximity to the original BBC’s.

One of the staff there today was kind enough to power up an Elliot and demonstrate inputting a program using punched tape which played a familiar tune.

We also spoke with a home brew enthusuast who has created a Z80 backplane based microcomputer called the RC2014 that can run CPM and Microsoft Basic. It comes as a kit which you need to solder for £55. Just had to buy one of these for my next little project. 

I will do a separate post on this when I start to build it.

Fab day and looking forward to their next adult video games night.

Henley Hand Made Craft Fair

On Saturday we went to the Henley Hand Made Craft Fair at Stonor Park in Henley. Beautiful surroundings and the weather was fantastic. I don’t know how but we managed to buy £60 worth of various flavour cheeses and chutneys from this company. We do like their cheeses and sweet onion marmalade and we always stock up with the Truckle Cheese Company when we come here.

The show was a fantastic collection of crafts as usual with lots of tempt us. Apart from the food, this year we bought a chocolate mint plant and a hand made Teak stool for the garden.


Burnham Beeches Dog Walk

Had a quick walk this morning at Burnham Beeches with the dogs. Its always a pleasant walk but its such a shame that the dog control orders mean that for much of the walk I need to keep my dogs on the leads. This kinda spoils it for me and the dogs. They don’t understand why they have to be kept on their leads for the walk they’ve done for years.

I’ve been coming here all my life. It hasn’t changed that much in all that time because it is protected. The Café was rebuilt a few years ago and some of the local pubs have gone, they have some speed bumps and dog control orders but its still a great walk.

I used to play pool and have a quiet drink in a pub called The Stag which was closed a while ago. Noticed this morning it has been replaced by houses. What a shame.

Before & after…