Burnham Beeches Dog Walk

Had a quick walk this morning at Burnham Beeches with the dogs. Its always a pleasant walk but its such a shame that the dog control orders mean that for much of the walk I need to keep my dogs on the leads. This kinda spoils it for me and the dogs. They don’t understand why they have to be kept on their leads for the walk they’ve done for years.

I’ve been coming here all my life. It hasn’t changed that much in all that time because it is protected. The Café was rebuilt a few years ago and some of the local pubs have gone, they have some speed bumps and dog control orders but its still a great walk.

I used to play pool and have a quiet drink in a pub called The Stag which was closed a while ago. Noticed this morning it has been replaced by houses. What a shame.

Before & after…

Mindy’s First kayak Trip in Windsor

Loaded the kayak onto my car roof, the dog and some cameras and off we went to Windsor for a quick Kayak run. This was the first run for the our little dog. I popped on a life vest for her which she hated. For the first 30 minutes she wouldn’t move at all with it on but eventually she got more comfortable with it on.

Had a quick two hours paddling along between Windsor and Maidenhead on the River Thames.



Cyclists in the news again

Cyclists get a hard time. If you are a courteous, regular cyclist then you have several problems cycling in this country. The roads are busy. Car drivers are generally impatient and have no regard for cyclists. I don’t always blame them as cyclists are not regulated in any way now. They often behave poorly on the road and rely on motorists to avoid hitting them. But remember many cyclists do behave properly. There are just as many poor drivers as there are cyclists, if not more.

Cyclists are a problem for other cyclists for the same reasons. I am often cycling to work and a cyclist on the pavement will just veer into the road in front of me with no regard whatsoever. How many cyclists do you see wearing headphones and no helmets or lights? Cyclists also have to contend with pedestrians who again just get in their way and expect the cyclist to avoid them.

So todays Sun newspaper story caught my eye. A young cyclist has ploughed into a woman and killed her and is now in Court on manslaughter charges. He maintains that it was her fault because she was looking down at her phone when she crossed his path. This sort of thing has happened to me many times and I have had many near misses. This seems to be a growing problem for cyclists and motorists alike. However where I don’t empathise with this guy is he was using a track bike at the time with no front brake. Why would you cycle in London on a bike with no brakes at 20 Mph or more? In the article it also mentions he had time to shout at least twice to the woman to get out of the way. Surely enough time to stop if you had brakes or at least avoid her?

What would happen if  you drove a car deliberately knowing it had no brakes and you hit a pedestrian but the initial collision was because the pedestrian was not looking?


Newbury Retro Revival Show

This weekend we went for our annual pilgrimage to this show. As usual it was great to see a huge range of vehicles, classic cars, bicycles, motorbikes, military, Rv’s, campervans, a spitfire, emergency vehicles and more. I always enjoy coming across an old car that I or my parents have owned in the past. A Ford Cortina, Granada, Fiat 128, VW Golf GTI etc. 

We went on the Sunday and they had the  usual helicopter sightseeing tours and a motorbike display team in the Arena.

Plenty of retro stalls selling vintage car parts, furniture from the last 50 years and more. Great weather, some great food stalls and a funfair. Looking forward to the 2018 show.

Sitting in the airport

We have just checked in our baggage at Palma Airport. Will soon be on our way home.

Great holiday, Sad to go home but at the same time looking forward to going home, seeing family, friends,pets, drinking all the spirits we bought and still have another 5 weeks off work to look forward to.

Check in was a breeze. We bought a parasol for the beach whilst out here that is too big to fit into a suitcase. We were worried that Jet2 wouldn’t allow us to take it but they simply charge a handling fee of €5 and check it in like a suitcase although they carry it through rather than throw it on the travelator.

Hope the weather is good when we get home?


Weather was grey and spitting with rain – welcome back to the UK!

The parasol made it back in good condition. We paid 10.95 euros for it and it cost 5 euros to get it back. It will be great with a little table we have in the garden for family BBQ’s.

When you get to Stanstead, the parasol does not come onto the baggage carousel with the suitcases but instead another smaller carousel used for outsize baggage (things like pushchairs).