Alexa Pizza Skill

We got an email earlier advertising the new Alexa Skill for Dominoes Pizza so decided to give them a go as we both fancied a Pizza.

Took a few minutes to create a Dominoes website account with address and payment details. You then access the Alexa App on your phone to add the Dominoes skill. So far, all worked as expected and was easy enough with Dominoes online guide to the process.

“Alexa, Ask dominoes to feed me!”

Alexa checked her records and asked me a few questions around what I wanted to order. She asked if we wanted to hear a joke whilst she did this and then announced there had been a problem. I asked her for the order details and she dais there had been a problem and I should check my email. Oh dear! Am I going to get a Pizza or not?

Checked my email and there was a Dominoes email confirming my order had been placed.

In the mean time the email said I could check the order status online….


You can also ask Alexa where your order is…

“Alexa, where’s my Pizza”. She replied “mmm….I Don’t know that”

Apparently if our local Slough branch doesn’t have GPS enabled this wont work.

And the Pizza finally arrived 45 minutes later.

Altogether quite cool. Shame the Alexa skill didn’t fully work



Brighton Chilli Festival

Got to Brighton seafront and parked at 8.30am. Parking was £16!

Walked into town to the Post & Telegraph for a fry up.

We went to the Lego shop to see the new Millennium Falcon. It was out of stock so we were disappointed. Will have to wait until they manufacture some more.

We went to Choccywoccydoodah and had a melted hot chocolate drink with candy straw, cream and marshmallows. Yummm!!!!

We went to the Chilli festival. Listened to some live music in the sun, drank beer and tasted lots of chilli based products.

On the way back from Brighton’s Flea market we had a quick pit stop in the Yellow Book.

We finally made it to the Cloud gallery and bought a new signed limited edition print from JJ Adams titled “The morning after”.

It’s a large framed print measuring 50″ across by 32″ tall. It features a parody of Masterss of the Universe characters including He-man, Skelator and Lion-o from Thundercats. It’s no 147/195 and every time we look at it we notice something we hadn’t seen before. It’s a fantastic adult take on an 80,s cartoon and film. It’s my new favourite piece of art and has resulted in a signed Roger Moore photo being relegated to s cupboard (but only temporarily)

Henley Hand Made Craft Fair

On Saturday we went to the Henley Hand Made Craft Fair at Stonor Park in Henley. Beautiful surroundings and the weather was fantastic. I don’t know how but we managed to buy £60 worth of various flavour cheeses and chutneys from this company. We do like their cheeses and sweet onion marmalade and we always stock up with the Truckle Cheese Company when we come here.

The show was a fantastic collection of crafts as usual with lots of tempt us. Apart from the food, this year we bought a chocolate mint plant and a hand made Teak stool for the garden.