Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my friends, family and followers.


Early Christmas present from Sky

Opened a letter from Sky yesterday expecting the usual marketing rubbish but it was an offer of a free film from the Sky Store for up to £13.99.

Went online and chose Pete’s Dragon. I remember the original 70’s version and wondered what the new one was like. Got to download the film instantly to my Sky box and a DVD version is in the post.  Thank you and Merry Xmas Sky

Lego versus Wilco Blox versus My bricks

I am currently building a Raspberry Pi powered Bartop arcade machine from Lego pieces. (Post to follow)

Most of the machine is built from 2 x 4 bricks in multiple colours. The best deal I have found for this is the Pick a brick from our local Lego store. £11.99 for a plastic tub. We have managed to fill this with up to 112 bricks. If you use the same tub to buy more bricks you can save £0.75.

Because genuine Lego is expensive, I have also used some blocks from Wilkinsons. You get a smaller tub than Lego  but it only costs £3.50. I managed to get 70 2x 4 bricks plus another 14 assorted pieces – look at the image below. They are pretty good quality and Lego compatible.

I also purchased a box of 1000 Lego compatible bricks from Amazon for £9.75 but you get so few 2 x 4’s that I would not buy this again ( the brick quality is pretty poor as well)

If anyone has some Lego bricks they want to donate towards the project then please let me know.

Rogue One (Star Wars Zombie Edition)

One of the cool things about Rogue One is how it links the story to the original Star Wars Episode IV and its characters. You watch the screen and then you realise you are looking at Peter Cushing acting out a new scene as Grand Moff Tarkin .

The thing is, he died in 1994, so its all the result of CGI. It seems to be the source of a lot of controversy online. I remember thinking when I starting seeing CGI in films and animated films like Toy Story, that it wouldn’t be too long before they could revive an actor from the dead and have him/her act in a film long after their death. Looks like that time has arrived.