Retro Revival 2017 Event 20/21st May

Another year at the Retro Revival Event which had moved this year to Banks’s Stadium, Bescot Crescent, Walsall, WS1 4SA.

When we arrived we were directed to a car park allocated for Revival ticket holders which was useful as the football stadium was busy with a car boot sale/market. Unfortunately my friends could not make it with us and despite trying to give their spare tickets away we were unable to make use of them.

After a short wait in a queue, we were in and enjoying hundreds of arcade machines and retro consoles most which were set to freeplay.

The venue had a bar, small canteen and stalls selling lots of retro goodies.

After a coupe of hours of retro nostalgia, we also headed out to the market and bought some goodies before going home.


The first IoT Google Assisted Shed?

After a couple of weeks of building, blisters, cuts, bruises, splinters and worst, the shed is finally built with just a couple of minor jobs to finish.

Over the next few weeks it will slowly become my new workshop and get teched up.

At work today with Krasimir’s help, I built the Raspberry Pi 3 powered Google AIY project from this months Magpi magazine. Its a fantastic little kit with full instruction. Just add a Pi, mains charger and SD Card. It took about 40 minutes in all including imaging the SD card.

Watch the short video of me testing in my new shed.

So the shed already has a PC, IP camera, and now a Raspberry Pi running the google assistant API. You can either clap your hands and ask a question or push the little arcade button on top.

Cant wait to develop this further. Excellent value for the £5.99 price of the magazine.

I’m a Labrador

I’ve been eating a lot of fast food recently at home and at work as Debbie and I are working long hours and rarely have time to cook properly at home.

Work has been the same. We’ve had a lot of work birthdays and events where we all bring in food or get a takeaway at Subway, McDonald’s, Dominoes Pizza etc. So today I decided to be good and have one of my Yokebe shakes for lunch to cut down on the calories.

This is what suddenly appeared on the desk at work along with my colleagues suggesting we got get some fish and chips. I don’t stand a chance. They know I’m like a Labrador and have to eat anything put in front me.. But I did resist, just.



A busy but enjoyable weekend 

Friday night was a great night out with Debbie and friends from work.

Playing pool with Chris & the girls and drinking at Bar H

Mexican food & cocktails were great

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was definitely worth the wait. It’s an excellent sequel and even funnier than the first. The soundtrack is also awesome!

Saturday morning, went to work for half a day for the College Fun/Open Day.

Dads birthday and a little Family party on Saturday night.

Car boot sale on Sunday morning, some shopping and then erect three sides of the shed. Quite a busy weekend.

Have aches all over, possibly a hernia, hit my thumb with a hammer on Saturday, and the nail went a little black. Sunday, I decided this didn’t hurt enough, so hit it again to make sure along with some blisters, a bruise and a splinter. Washing machine also died on Friday night, so had a new one arrive on Sunday. A quick bit of plumbing and it seems to work alright.

And finally, this months Radpberry Pj magazine comes with a complete kit to build your own google voice assistant. Can’t wait to build it!