Hal (Home Automation Laboratory)

This is my attempt to use Z Wave, Wemo, Lightwave and other similar technologies to automate my home and make it Smart. I hope to base it largely on the Raspberry Pi platform and follow this guide:


I have begun by purchasing a Razberry 2 Z-wave controller board for a Raspberry Pi, a Raspberry Pi 3 and an Aeon 6 sensor.

Finally got around to trying these devices last night.

Plugged the Raspberry Pi into a 3A charger. Downloaded the latest Raspbian image and wrote this onto a 64GB Micro SD Card. Booted the Pi and did the usual updates. Switched off and installed the Razberry 2 board on to the GPIO pins as in this picture.


Rebooted the Pi and followed the instructions that come in the box with the Razberry board: