Build Your Own R2D2 by De Agostini


Around Christmas there was an advert on TV by De Agostini to build your own R2D2 robot by buying magazines weekly. Each magazine would contain some information on  the Star Wars films and the props as well as parts to build the R2D2 robot. Check out the link below:

My partner kindly signed up to their subscription as you get various extras such as an R2D2 USB memory stick. Each magazine will cost around £9 so the total cost over the two year subscription will be about £900. I had a look online and couldn’t find anything really similar with the same features and size despite the cost.

A couple of weeks later the first two weeks magazines turned up. This page will document the build as and when the magazines arrive.

Week 1

This is how the first two magazines arrived. Inside the parts in encased in blister packs:


Once opened, the contents looked like this:


This is the week 1 pack with magazine including build instructions, parts and a flyer trying to persuade me to upgrade the subscription.


Worryingly, on the back of the pack was a lbel stating the some screws would be missing and delivered at a later date but they were not needed yet (I hope they do turn up as per the label!)


The instructions ask you to assemble an LED assembly with three screws and a connector:


Use the included screwdriver to fit the LED assembly into the plastic housing. The screwdriver appears to be lightly magnetized but didn’t seem to work too well with the screw heads.


Attach the cable assembly:

Then there are some spare parts for later use to keep safe. Total build time – just a couple of minutes:


Week 2

Here are the contents for week 2. The silver parts are actually die cast metal and this gives it a quality feel:


Attach the metal parts using the supplied screws


Superglue these two pieces together



A small dab of superglue (not supplied) is needed to glue these parts together.

The die cast metal part is then fitted to the plastic assembly.

This pin is then glued and attached to the rod and again glued to the metal rod.


Build time, again just a few minutes.

Week 3

Wek 3 and 4 magazines have just arrived together in the post. No blister packs. The parts are just in small plastic transparent bags.



Fit this panel to the leg from last week.


Test fit the black lens and click the side panel in place.

This week’s edition comes with a PCB for testing the LED’s from weeks 1&2. Connect the the test PCB to the LED assembly from weeks 1&2.


Week 4


Connect the round die cast metal part to the leg assembly by inserting and twisting to lock into place.

At this point I should point out that for week 4 I had to guess how to assemble the parts as the magazine had a printing defect and the print was unreadable as you can see in the picture below…


Snap the white plastic part onto the other end of the leg assembly. It does not attach properly yet, just loosely..


Finally connect the battery box with (3 x AA batteries not supplied) to the test PCB assembly and the LED assembly. Press the test buttons to illuminate the red and blue LED’s. All OK!

Now for a quick email to De Agostini about their poorly printed magazine. Need to ask for a replacement with print I can read!

Issue 5

This week its time to start building the R2D2 head.


Take the die cast head frame part, fit a bearing into the recess and secure using a plate and two screws. Then attach the plastic frame part with another two screws with nuts. That’s it. Total time about 5 minutes.

Issue 6

This week its time to build the LCD display.


Take the two parts of the LCD frame and clip together. Fit the LCD display into the frame and secure with 4 screws from issue 5. Then use the battery box from previous issue to connect the LCD and test. Voila!. Total build time 10 minutes.

Issue 7

This issue continues the head frame assembly and part of the ankle. Total build time 5 minutes.

Take the two black plastic head frame parts and attach to the die cast metal head part. Then assemble three die cast ankle parts together and secure with a screw. Do this again for an identical piece and job done.

Note that one of the die cast head part holes had not been properly formed and so I cannot insert a screw. However after a small amount of pressure from a screwdriver this pierced the hold and let me insert the screw.

Issue 8

This issue took two minutes to build part of the ankle.

Issue 9

Take the holographic projector parts and assemble as per the photos and install two screws into the pivot. Build time 1 minute!


Issue 10

At this point I started to complete issue 10 but realised I had missed part of issue 9 so went back and completed the first layer of R2D2’s head.


I was then left with the new pieces:


Make up the lens for the head assembly…


Issue 11

Continue the second layer of the head assembly..


Issue 12

All caught up now.

Build time again just a few minutes per issue. The head assembly is really starting to take shape now.

Built some more of the head assembly second layer and then part of the die cast metal leg assembly. Had trouble getting a couple of poor quality screws into place again but just about managed. You can also see the binder with all the issues inside that comes free as part of the subscription.