My new friend

What I like about mature gardens is their ability to attract wildlife. Ours is quite small but attracts a wide variety of creatures. I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden recently and I seem to have made a new friend. Often when I’m out in the garden this little fellow pops down to see me.


With the pond in the garden, it attracts Bees, Wasps, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Birds, Herons (likes to eat my fish if they get a chance), Foxes, Hedgehogs, Frogs, Fish, Cats, Dogs and we have a Kite that likes to fly overhead daily. We often see a dog fight in the air as the crows are chasing the Kite away.


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Lecturer in IT at East Berkshire College. Assessor & Verifier Technology Evangelist Hacker Tinkerer Collector of all things Retro Cyclist Kayaker Adventurer

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