That’s It!

Just spent the past two weeks since returning from our Spain Holiday doing DIY jobs every day.

Build new shed – done

Turf garden – done

Fix doors – done

Rebuild decking over Pond – done

Drain, clean and refill Pond – done

Replace pond filter foams – done

Remove flower bed to enlarge usable garden space – done

Build 2 1/2 months of R2D2 magazine from Deagostini – done

Sort out garage

Take all old wood and rubbish to refuse site – done

Repaint kitchen – done

Level ground and set up mum’s Spa – done

Repaint hall – done

Paint shed – done

Lay new wood laminate floor in hall – done

Now I should have some time for me. Over the final two weeks of my summer holiday I plan to:

Go to local SCUBA centre for a dive catch-up session and get equipment tested.

Kayak trip on the Thames

Car boot sale

Stonor Park Arts & Crafts Fair

Three Rivers Water Reserve – walk dogs and get the best fish and chips I the world

Start getting bike fit again – begin with laps around Dorey Lake. Work up to Sunday morning route to reading and back (38 miles)

Test Amstrad GX4000 with new multicart game from Ebay

Brighton, Portsmouth and Cornwall day trips

Everything except think of work!










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Lecturer in IT at East Berkshire College. Assessor & Verifier Technology Evangelist Hacker Tinkerer Collector of all things Retro Cyclist Kayaker Adventurer

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