Brik Tile

I bought some of these as a Kickstarter project a few months ago but haven’t got around to using them. So Debbie and I decided to mess around and make a couple of displays today as practice.

Brik Tiles are Lego compatible wall tiles that have self adhesive backing that can be applied to walls and removed/reapplied again. They come with some 1×1 bricks and a small selection of other sizes, a little plaque that says my Kickstarter backer number, some angled brackets and a removal tool.


The first one is on a single tile and attached to the back of my Raspberry Pi powered Lego Arcade Machine (which just needs a little finishing)

The second display uses two tiles side by side with a little shelf made out of additional Lego, the brackets for hanging items like keys and a few random bricks and finally my Lego compatible Raspberry Pi case which will eventually have another Pi inside. The tiles are stuck onto a piece of MDF covered in carbon fibre wrap mounted on one of the shed walls. I will do another post on this later on as this is where I will have a Raspberry Pi, Onion and other single board computers wall mounted for testing purposes.

Being Lego compatible means these can be changed whenever for a different design or use as well as removed and reused at a later date. COOL!

I love Lego and compatible bricks as they allow me to build different designs easily without any additional equipment like a 3D printer, router etc. Over the holiday break I will finish the arcade machine as well as the table top version also built out of Lego compatible bricks (a homage to table top arcade machines I used in working men’s clubs as a child).




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