Sitting in the airport

We have just checked in our baggage at Palma Airport. Will soon be on our way home.

Great holiday, Sad to go home but at the same time looking forward to going home, seeing family, friends,pets, drinking all the spirits we bought and still have another 5 weeks off work to look forward to.

Check in was a breeze. We bought a parasol for the beach whilst out here that is too big to fit into a suitcase. We were worried that Jet2 wouldn’t allow us to take it but they simply charge a handling fee of €5 and check it in like a suitcase although they carry it through rather than throw it on the travelator.

Hope the weather is good when we get home?


Weather was grey and spitting with rain – welcome back to the UK!

The parasol made it back in good condition. We paid 10.95 euros for it and it cost 5 euros to get it back. It will be great with a little table we have in the garden for family BBQ’s.

When you get to Stanstead, the parasol does not come onto the baggage carousel with the suitcases but instead another smaller carousel used for outsize baggage (things like pushchairs).


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