I’m a Labrador

I’ve been eating a lot of fast food recently at home and at work as Debbie and I are working long hours and rarely have time to cook properly at home.

Work has been the same. We’ve had a lot of work birthdays and events where we all bring in food or get a takeaway at Subway, McDonald’s, Dominoes Pizza etc. So today I decided to be good and have one of my Yokebe shakes for lunch to cut down on the calories.

This is what suddenly appeared on the desk at work along with my colleagues suggesting we got get some fish and chips. I don’t stand a chance. They know I’m like a Labrador and have to eat anything put in front me.. But I did resist, just.



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Lecturer in IT at East Berkshire College. Assessor & Verifier Technology Evangelist Hacker Tinkerer Collector of all things Retro Cyclist Kayaker Adventurer

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