A Shed Story…

So, I order a new shed from Very. After three weeks of waiting it doesn’t arrive and Very don’t really care about it.

This leaves me with a dilemma.

a) Buy another shed from another supplier

b) Build a shed from wood

I try to find a shed that will fit the space in the garden, with the right combination of doors and windows, that can be delivered anytime soon, good price etc.etc. but i’m struggling.

I talk to Chris and Krasimir, my workmates and they suggest I build one myself. It will only take a weekend. I believe them and decide to try this. I’m such a fool!

So far i’m in for £300 in wood, screws and sundries. I will need another £150 in wood. The original shed I purchased would have cost more than this and arguably be less quality. I’m using thicker wood than you get in general sheds so it should last longer. I’m still building it in panels so it can be dismantled easily in the future and perhaps moved and/or repaired. Never done this before so will definitely be a learning curve.

As you can see from this photo , it is far from finished. The base layer is down but we need to clear a lot of dirt to keep the shed level and our garden is on a slope to make things worse. Managed to dig yet more concrete lumps out of the garden.

Today I managed to make the back panel of the shed from shiplap purchased from B&Q. Its just over six feet tall.


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