Star Wars Identities Exhibition & Tall Ships Festival

We booked tickets for the Star Wars O2 Identities Exhibition a couple of months ago and went with our friend Anita. The tickets were £20 each through Love Theatre and are normally £22 each so we got a small discount. You have to book timed slots and we chose 10.30am so we would have the whole day in London if needs be but enough time to get there by Train.

We caught a train from Slough £13.00 each and arrived at the O2 at about 10.00am so we had time for breakfast in Harvesters (all you can eat).

We queued for about 15 minutes at the entrance before going in. You have to watch a short introductory video (this seems to be the norm for these sorts of events nowadays) and were given audio headsets and wristbands to listen to commentary and create our own character as we went through the exhibition.

It took us about 1.5 hours to walk around looking at the costumes and artwork on display and build our characters at certain waypoints. At the end you are given an opportunity to see the final character built upon questions you ask as you go along. You then see this on a large screen at the end before exiting into the gift shop.

The gift shop is typically expensive with many Star Wars branded items available cheaper online. We did buy some metal coasters as they were branded with the exhibition logo and could not be purchased elsewhere. They were however £19 for a set of eight and a little cheaply made for my liking.

Overall we enjoyed the exhibition but it felt a little short compared top other similar events we have attended.

As we were finished by lunchtime we decided to visit the Tall Ships Festival taking place in nearby Greenwich. We saw some ships coming into dock at Greenwich and enjoyed some street food (Mexican burrito) at the Naval Museum where the Cutty Sark is located. The weather was great and after a couple of beers I could easily have stayed there all day enjoying the sun.

We left late afternoon and made our way back to Slough on the train.

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