Easter Hols Day 7

Woke up early and went to the Shower block at 6.30am. Already busy with hikers.

Beautiful sunrise over the mountains. I wouldn’t mind this view every morning.

Cooked a full English breakfast and left the site by about 11.00 am after starting to pack away some items.

Went to the Caves. It costs £14 per adult to get in. There are three separate caves to view. The first two are quite large but are easy to access. The final bone cave is small but you have to don a hard hat and climb through a access walkway where you have to stoop the whole way. Not good for your back but a good workout for your legs.

On the way out you can also visit their small museum.

We had some lunch and bought some prezzies to take home from the souvenir shop followed by a Welsh Cake Ice Cream. tasted like Rum and Raisin without the Rum.

Back to the camp site by mid afternoon and spent about an hour packing the tent the away. Time to say goodbye to Wales.

In the car and joined the A470 to make our way back to England and home. Traffic was pretty bad. Some crashes and road works, the usual.. When you get to the Severn bridge, you don’t have to pay on the way back to England so that saved £6.70.

Stopped and Leigh Delamare services for some refreshments and finally got home about 8.00pm

Click this link for the Photo Album


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