Easter Hols Day 6

Wake up 5am 

Leave house at 6am and say goodbye to pets.

Pick up Anita from Southall

Pick up Trailer Tent & drive towards Wales on M4

Stop at Membury Services for Full English breakfast

11.40am arrive at Dan-yr-Olof Showcaves and campsite with our friend and Janet Texas Trailer Tent. £34 per night for the 5 of us with trailer and 2 cars.

Put up trailer tent and lunch. 22 degrees and Sunny all day long. Got sunburnt.we got really lucky with the weathe.

Trip to nearby Henrhyd Waterfalls

Back to campsite

Dinner, joint effort with burgers, chicken wraps, salad, corn on the cob.

Early night after telly no Anita there would be snakes and spiders crawling around.

Loads of pictures to follow when I get to upload them from my camera.

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