Easter Hols Day 4

Neighbour woke me up this morning at 5am as she slammed her back door to go out for a cigarette and then did her usual cough. 15 minutes later the same and again and again etc. etc. No wonder she has a cough.

Another day of manual labour

Lots of Spring cleaning and washing (Yes Nina, i’m much better at the housework than Debbie)

Some more Tintanfall

Put my laptop onto the domain.

Went to B&Q again to try tot get fence panels and they had lots of new ones. Bought 2 to start with. However they have no fence posts.

Went to Wickes where they have fence posts and bought 3 to start with.

Dug out the old fence posts

Removed stubborn bolts and fitted new ones that didn’t want to go in

Just came in at 7.50 after finally managing to fit the first fence panel and first two posts,

Back is aching. Neighbor’s have just got home and decided to have a noisy time in their garden. Grrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaat.

Time for some more Cider, hot bath and a bit of TV.

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