Easter Hols Day 3

Wake up.

Fish in make shift pond still ok – no dramas. the leak fix seems to be working

Finished building pond for brother complete with shelf for plants all from the scrap decking wood that would have been thrown away.

Removed three fence panels. Posts wouldn’t come out so have been slowly and painfully digging them out with a variety of tools, powered and hand.

Brother turns up with van. Load van with old wood and concrete.

Make way to Burnham Refuse Site with permit. Turned away as they were having a new overhead cable installed.

Went to Beaconsfield refuse site. Met by very helpful, sorry I meant unhelpful jobsworth who now tells us the permit is no good and it doesn’t show we are carrying wood. He says we’ll have to come back. Has to be done today so we park in a layby around the corner and complete the permit alterations online to show wood. The kind gentleman at the refuse site didn’t bother suggesting this. Go back again, he says permit still doesn’t show wood. We showed him the qr code with amended details, but he said ‘computer says no’. Submitted the alterations again, and this time it worked. Unloaded wood from van. Thanks very  much Burnham and Beaconsfield refuse sites for being so helpful.

Take van to B&Q in Slough to get new fence panels. All there panels are broken and no one has bothered to replace them. They have no posts either. Garden staff says they’re buried and we will have to wait quite some time. Pick up some accessories and get to tills. There are long queues because there are not many staff and the self-service tills are all broken.

Wait in queue and eventually get served by a lovely lady who has no customer service skills but asks us the usual question because they have to, not because they actually care ‘Did you find everything you wanted today?’. I replied ‘No’ but she ignored this and carried on scanning items. She hands me the receipt and says please leave feedback on our site. So I did and it certainly wasn’t positive. Typical large company with staff who just don’t care. Shelves poorly stocked and poorly labelled. Now left with garden with large hole in fence so anyone local to me, help yourself to the contents to my garden as its now wide open.

Apart from the two large dogs waiting to meet you!

Time for hot soak in a bath, alcohol and more Titanfall. That should all fix the high blood pressure!

Being a teacher for the last 16 years, I had forgotten what real work was like. I need a job change, something outdoors and manual. Good honest work where you get to make something with your hands. Hope my boss isn’t reading this?

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