Day 2 Easter Holiday

Wake Up…


Debbie says that my makeshift temporary pond is almost empty. She ran downstairs and topped up quickly. Will look at this later.

Removed, recharged and refitted the Ring Doorbell

Load the dishwasher (Nina, men can do housework chores as well)

Played Titanfall (Attrition and Hardpoint)

Ripped some more CD’s to the music server

8.20Km walk with the two dogs from my house to Burnham Beeches and back.

Spent the afternoon in the garden smashing up the old concrete pond liner and building my brother a small 3 x 4 foot pond out of the scrap decking wood

Repaired the leaking washer seal on the outlet pipe of the pond filter – doesn’t’ leak now

Now looking forward to spending a quiet night in with Debbie and my Victors Cider



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