The BBC Lives!

I’ve had a BBC Microcomputer in my loft for a number of years now. Last week I put in a cheeky bid of £40 for a Microvitec Cub monitor on Ebay and won. The only drawback was going to Stafford (139 miles) to pick it up. That’s Saturday morning taken care of.

Just been up to my loft and have retrieved the BBC and disk drive. Plugged the BBC into the power along with the monitor and voila, it lives!

Slight burning smell coming from one of them? Not sure yet about this. Both have been in storage for a while so maybe some dust on a hot component? Hopefully, no failing capacitors? Still working after a couple of hours and no flames yet?

Will take both of them to work and get hold of a floppy disk to test out the disk drive.

Brings back memories of one of my middle schools where they had a room full of these.

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One thought on “The BBC Lives!”

  1. Ahhhhhhhh the days of the floppy disk, remember having a punch up with a guy who demanded my assignment (luckily I’d already printed it out and handed it in). He then proceeded to eject the floppy disk from the floppy disk drive as I was working on another assignment. He then refused to give it back and then snapped it is half in front of me and then I snapped and a fight ensued. Awwww happy days, I was so mad I pushed him over a table.


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