Black Circles, ProTyres, DHL, Ebay, TPMS & More..

So, an update to yesterdays post where I was not happy about the service we received from DHL. No surprise that when we arrived at DHL’s depot this morning to collect my parcel as they told us the night before, the parcel had been sent out already via the courier. Their customer services agreed to call us at about 11.00 am when the delivery had been made again through our letterbox. (why they couldn’t do this the day before, I don’t know) and they did.

The parcel arrived about 11.00am so this was good. Debbie picked me up from work and I made my way to the Tyre fitters, ProTyre in Slough. Within 15 minutes they were taking my car in to the garage for the new tyre. I explained that I had bought a new valve/TPMS sensor assembly as the one on the tyre was faulty. I also explained the front tyre was losing air slowly, perhaps a slow puncture and they quoted me an additional £21.02 to repair it.

A short wait later and the new tyre I ordered online from Black Circles had been fitted with the new TMPS sensor. The front tyre turned out to be a poor seal between the tyre and the wheel rim. They cleaned it up and are confident I will have no more leaks and better still, no cost. Thanks very much ProTyre.

The TPMS sensors normally need to be calibrated and the last time I had a sensor replaced and calibrated by the main dealer, Hughes of Beaconsfield, it cost me about £150. After a short drive down the road with the new sensor it self calibrated and for the first time in quite a while, I had 4 functioning tyre pressure sensors.

Excellent customer service to Black Circles, ProTyre and the Ebay seller where I purchased my sensor. Not so good service from DHL.


Ordered tyre from Black Circles – good price, free fitting etc and one of the hew places I can get my size tyre. The earliest date I could get for fitting was today, about 2 weeks wait. I chose ProTyre as the fitter because they are close to me and a preferred fitter from black Circle.s

Ordered new OEM TPMS sensor from ebay seller (£42.59) – tpms-centre. Arrived as per their delivery estimate (about 2 working days)  apart from DHL mucking me around.

21/3/17 – arrived at ProTyre. Tyre fitted, new sensor fitted and repair to leaking front tyre at no extra cost.

Last time I had a new tyre and sensor fitted, the total cost was about £430. Total cost this time was about £160. That’s a pretty significant saving on the main dealer!










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