Thanks so much, DHL

I have ordered a new Tyre Pressure Sensor for my car which is going to the garage tomorrow for a new tyre and the sensor would be replaced at the same time.

Typically, DHL tried to deliver the item whilst I was at work today and popped a card through the letterbox. When I got home, I contacted DHL customer services (at a cost of 7p per minute), was on hold for a while and eventually spoke to a polite lady who said the parcel had been returned to the local depot and she would call them to see if I could collect it tonight as I needed it urgently. After a couple of minutes on hold, the line went dead..

Called back at more cost and spoke to a gentleman who did the same and told me the item would be ready for collection. Debbie drove over to the depot and waited for some time whilst they searched for the parcel only to be told they could not find it and we would have to go back in the morning.

The dilemma…go back in the morning and the parcel may be there. This would be good news but comes with a lot of changes to my plans and transport arrangements for tomorrow. Or more likely, we’ll get there to be told they have sent it out again. Watch this space….

Thanks very much DHL!


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