Art of the Brick DC Superheroes

Today we went to the Art of the Brick exhibition in London near the South Bank Centre. Lots of DC Superhero themed Lego models in a dark marquee with spotlights used to highlight the models. They were incredible pieces of work and well worth a visit if you like either Lego or the DC Superhero characters.

We left at 8.00am from Slough, but because of rail improvement works we had to get a bus from Slough railway station to Hayes and then a train onto Paddington. All went quite smoothly and finally a short but very busy tube to Waterloo and a short walk.

We arrived at the exhibition and were able to get straight in (we had a ticket with a timed slot for 10.15 am, cost £10 each). You watch a short introductory video in a small theatre and then make your way into the models area.

Took us about hour to walk round and then we visited the shop at the exit. The prices here were quite high though. We saw a very small model branded with the Art of the Brick but this was £39.99!

On the way back we stopped at a little street food fair outside the Southbank centre. Had some great food from a Greek stall selling halloumi and chicken wraps.

We caught the fast train home from Paddington and I used my speed app on my iPhone and recorded 118 Mph at its fastest although it didn’t really fell that fast.





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