Build Your Own R2D2 by De Agostini Parts 3 & 4

Week 3

Wek 3 and 4 magazines have just arrived together in the post. No blister packs. The parts are just in small plastic transparent bags.


Fit this panel to the leg from last week.


Test fit the black lens and click the side panel in place.

This week’s edition comes with a PCB for testing the LED’s from weeks 1&2. Connect the the test PCB to the LED assembly from weeks 1&2.


Week 4


Connect the round die cast metal part to the leg assembly by inserting and twisting to lock into place.

At this point I should point out that for week 4 I had to guess how to assemble the parts as the magazine had a printing defect and the print was unreadable as you can see in the picture below…


Snap the white plastic part onto the other end of the leg assembly. It does not attach properly yet, just loosely..


Finally connect the battery box with (3 x AA batteries not supplied) to the test PCB assembly and the LED assembly. Press the test buttons to illuminate the red and blue LED’s. All OK!

Now for a quick email to De Agostini about their poorly printed magazine. Need to ask for a replacement with print I can read!

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