Lego versus Wilco Blox versus My bricks

I am currently building a Raspberry Pi powered Bartop arcade machine from Lego pieces. (Post to follow)

Most of the machine is built from 2 x 4 bricks in multiple colours. The best deal I have found for this is the Pick a brick from our local Lego store. £11.99 for a plastic tub. We have managed to fill this with up to 112 bricks. If you use the same tub to buy more bricks you can save £0.75.

Because genuine Lego is expensive, I have also used some blocks from Wilkinsons. You get a smaller tub than Lego  but it only costs £3.50. I managed to get 70 2x 4 bricks plus another 14 assorted pieces – look at the image below. They are pretty good quality and Lego compatible.

I also purchased a box of 1000 Lego compatible bricks from Amazon for £9.75 but you get so few 2 x 4’s that I would not buy this again ( the brick quality is pretty poor as well)

If anyone has some Lego bricks they want to donate towards the project then please let me know.

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