Ascot Racecourse Christmas Fair

Sunday 27th November 2016 at Ascot racecourse. We made the annual pilgrimage to the xmas fair. It normally costs us £5 each but this year we got two complimentary tickets from one of the sellers at last year’s event (thank you very muchly).

Lots of great gift ideas for friends and family and ourselves:

Glass star hanging tree ornament

Plastic bauble with white chocolate ball inside

Jar of horseradish mustard (very hot)

A chocolate lego brick, chocolate bottle cap and chocolate nut/nutcracker set from the Amazing chocalte workshop

Three flavours of VIP Award winning nuts (all very tasty!)

1Kg Cheddar Cheese and Blue Shropshire from our friends at the Truckle Cheese Co

Cinnamon dusted chocolate almonds

And best of all, we got to take lots of them before buying!



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