Love this week or hate it?

Don’t panic. I recalled these words of advice from the greatest books ever written, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy….

Earlier in the week, BBC news announced marmite was amongst products to be taken off the shelves in Tesco stores in a dispute between them and their supplier Unilever.. I normally shop in Asda as it’s cheaper anyway. Damn Brexit – could I still withdraw my yes vote, was it too late. Maybe they should have discussed Brexit and it’s impact on marmite sales, I might have said NO.

The internet was awash with stories of panic buying of marmite. I work long hours. Would I find time to stock up before stocks ran out in other stores.

I’ m down to my last jar, one packet of crisps and 6 packets of cheese. Can I ration myself. Depressed at all this, I eat my last bag of crisps and contemplate a life without marmite. I’m overweight, having a mid life crisis, various ailments, i’ m a teacher And I’m broke. All this I can cope with but not without marmite to comfort me.


The news has just announced Unilever has made up again in consideration of its customers (profit margin more like). Tesco are stocking marmite and now Asda emails me with money off vouchers on marmite. It’s all ok again. I’ve cancelled my visit to the physiatrist.

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