It’s a Dogs Life

We took our Labrador dog, Sandy to the see a vet about two weeks ago. We weren’t really looking forward to it as we knew it was going to cost but obviously we wanted Sandy to be well again. She had a skin allergy and needed an injection, some tablets and Debbie purchased some flea treatments (£58 but could have got the same online for less than half of this)for both of our dogs whilst she was there. £158 later, thought that was the bad news.

The vet examined Sandy who is now 13 and said she had found some mammary lumps….. Could be cancerous, might not be, but either way surgery was needed to remove them.

We have pet insurance for Sandy from legal & general paying about £36 per month for their lifetime cover up to £2000 per illness. We contacted them to ask if the treatment would be covered and they didn’t want to say. Eventually we got the veterinary practice to speak with them directly and as far as they were concerned it should be covered.

Sandy went in for the Surgery on Wednesday and we finally managed to collect her that evening around 7.30pm.

We have been using this veterinary practice (forest house in Windsor) since I was a child. They are perhaps not the cheapest but they always seem to care and dont seem to be in business just to make money.

The final bill was around £2400. The insurance will cover £2000 – 20% deduction because she is a senior dog. The vets charged us £29.99 to claim the fee directly from the insurance which minimalises all the hassle we would have in dealing with legal & general.

The vets will also accept a payment plan to pay off our part of the bill.

Sandy is now back home and doing well. We are waiting for biopsy results to see if the lumps were cancerous. Sandy has already had one checkup and seems to be healing well. Stitches come out in 10 days. Hopefully she will live a few more years yet. When we went to taplow car boot sale last week, the regulars were already missing her but she should be back soon.

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