Amazon Alexa has arrived


Last month, Amazon had a short offer on their Alexa device. Instead of the usual £149.99 cost it was reduced to £99.99 for Prime members so I pre-ordered one quickly.

After a slight delay caused by Amazon logistics, my Alexa has finally arrived. It comes in a quality box with a simple set up guide, the Alexa itself and a mains charger.

Initial setup took just 10 minutes…

Unbox and carefully remove the plastic protective film.

Download and install the Alexa app on my iPhone 6…

Plug in the Alexa..

An orange ring light illuminates.

You start the setup process on the up…

Sign in to Amazon account, set up WiFi

The ring light turns blue and Alexa confirms setup.


Ready to Test …

Alexa, what is the weather?

Alexa, Wemo Switch On, Alexa, WeMo Switch Off…

Alexa, Play The Power Station from Amazon Music…

Alexa, play Capital One radio..

Mum wants one now for Christmas!





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