Hermes Delivery

My ring doorbell ran today at work. I answered it and found myself staring at a Hermes driver with a parcel in his hand. I was viewing this on my iPhone laying on my desk so not the best picture.

I explained that we were at work and could not sign for the delivery. I suggested he could put it through our gate into our garden where it should be safe. He did so, but I notices he put it over the top of our gate into our recycle bin.

Late in the day, I realised this must be my touchscreen monitor! I checked the video again more closely and could see lots of red labels warning to be careful with the package. On my way home I expected to find it in pieces inside the box.

I carefully unwrapped the parcel, taking some photos in case I had to make an insurance claim against Hermes. To my relief the monitor was in tact. It came with a power cable but would not power on. I replaced the kettle lead and connected it to my laptop as a secondary display and voila, it worked. PHEW!

Thanks Hermes.

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