Ring Doorbell

We bought this door bell a few months ago. Its a door bell with a camera, motion detection and its connected to the WiFi so alerts you when someone is near to your door. You can even speak to them through the two way camera and microphone.

As we’ve had ours for a while now and I know some people are interested in buying these, I thought it would be a good idea to report on how well this product has performed.

Some of my gadgets are just that. They are cool, funky, different but sometimes not very useful on a day to day basis. This product however, really is useful.

We get many parcel deliveries every week. We also live in an area where there are perhaps more burglaries than other areas.

The first time a courier arrived at our door and pressed our new doorbell, my partner and I were at work some 6 miles away from home. The door bell rings on both of our phones at the same time and the first person to answer the call then gets presented with a live video stream of who is at our door. You can hear them and they can hear you. They were clearly surprised when our doorbell announced we were at work and could they leave the parcel behind our garden gate. This meant instead of the usual missed delivery card through the door, my parcel was waiting for me when I got home. No trips to the post office or local courier depot or arranging redelivery. I can also see when my partner gets safely home from work or just who has been near my  house.

The device can run off an inbuilt battery or mains. We use the battery. The life is supposed to be up to a year. Ours is used a lot so I would say realistically a couple of months. The bell comes in high quality packaging with the fixtures and fitting to place it beside your front door. Ours is mounted on brick and I found the installation instructions easy to follow. Within 20 minutes, the bell was set up on our WiFi and fitted on the wall. It even comes with high security screws to make it very difficult to steal and a special screwdriver in the box. The manufacturers claim, if its stolen, they will replace it free of charge. How’s that for service?

The bell is great. It works incredibly well. its a quality product and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who want to catch deliveries whilst they are out and/or a little security at your front door.

The bell also works at night. It has a wide angle lens so catches quite a lot of detail. Any video recordings made by the bell are stored on a cloud service provided by manufacturer. There is a modest charge for this option but I feel its worth it. The recordings are then stored online and can be viewed any time.

Amazon – ring doorbell



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