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We had an early start this morning. Threw two reluctant dogs into the back of Debbie’s car and headed 75 miles towards Brighton at 7.00 am.

Got to Brighton Marina car park about 8.45am. It’s a couple of miles from the town centre but you can park there all day for free if you don’t mind a walk or short bus ride. With the dogs chomping at the bit, the walk was the only option along the sea front.At this point I wished I was wearing a jacket rather than a short sleeved shirt(cloudy and 14 degrees).

The skittles color 5K run was taking place today so people were busy setting up the course. Lots of people walking round in colourful outfits and sparkly bits on their faces.

A little further on we encountered a jogger who expressed his indignance at sharing the pavement with our two dogs. He felt they were taking up too much room as he went past. Jogger, if you are reading this (ok it’s unlikely but makes me feel better), SMEG OFF!

As we got into Brighton just before the pier we stopped for a nice full English. I was a bit worried by a large Seagull who seemed to be looking at my small dog (miniature Jack Russell cross) and licking his lips. She survived thanks to my protection and we made our way into the Laines for some retail therapy. Every time we come, we find another boutique, art or antiques shop we hadn’t noticed before.

By lunch time we made our way to the Chili Festival, paid our quite reasonable entrance fee and wondered round buying Cheeses, Chili plants, lunch and sat opposite the stage listening to live music and drinking strawberry and lime cider. Heaven….

Eventually the dogs got bored so we made our way back into Town. Passers by always love our larger dog, Sandy because she walks along with a football in her mouth. She loves the attention. We stopped off at the Lego store, bought some mixed 2×4 bricks for a project I’m working on and made our way back to the Marina.

Lego stores have a large plastic cup you fill with your own pick’n mix of bricks. Debbie is now an expert and managed to get 114 bricks into the cup. Let me know if you can do better and how you did it?

Back at the Marina we had a quick coffee at the dog friendly Laughing DOg and went home. In the car, I managed to watch the new Red Dward XI to finish off a brilliant day.

Brighton is a fantastic place for Pokemon and I managed to gain 40000 XP and well over a 100 Pokemon caught including 8 new ones to add to my Plkefex.

16,000 steps according to my Microsoft Band (about 6 miles walking today).

I forgot to mention we also went to the Brighton Open Market and bought a Jack fruit there. Never heard of this fruit and I am just about to try a piece as I’m writing this post….

Looks a little like a pineapple…..

Takes like…..

Wait for it….

Just having a second piece to check my first thoughts…

A little like a hard pineapple with hints of banana?

This market also had a little collectables shop called Smith & Crumble. The host was very welcoming and dog friendly. She recycles dog leads so if you have any old dog leads send them to her?

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